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Catholic female journalists against injustice

Condition of women in Latin America shows a deficit in respect of rights

Latin America
Latin America

he condition of women in Latin America shows a deficit in respect of rights, social inclusion and equal opportunities, despite the progress made; it is the task of the Catholic press to keep attention high on these issues, in fidelity to the Gospel values: this is what emerges from the female voices of the world association of journalists of "Signis" Catholic press, in the Latin America and the Caribbean section, gathered by Agenzia Fides on the occasion of the 8th of March.

According to Peruvian María Rosa Lorbés, progress has been made in the Church and in society in the last ten years, but these are still insufficient. The journalist emphasizes the leap in quality in the collective consciousness that the historic "Ni Una Menos" ("Not One Less") march meant, which on August 13, 2016 convened thousands of men and women "to denounce all forms of gender violence". However, Peru still occupies a very enviable third place in the world rape index, surpassed only by Ethiopia and Bangladesh. In the Church the virtual servitude to which the nuns are subjected is still strong in some places, and the hope comes from the initiatives of the Holy Father, who never loses the opportunity to denounce violations of female integrity, "like forced sterilizations, and has asked for harsher laws against femicide". These themes are at the center of the meeting of Cepal (Pontifical Commission for Latin America) underway from 6 to 9 March in Rome, entitled "The woman, pillar in the construction of the Church and society in Latin America".

From Mexico, Jimena Esquivel notes the progress made in terms of health, education and participation of women in the labor market, while recalling that women are among the main victims of criminal violence on the national territory. Secretary of the social area of the Mexican National Caritas, Esquivel points out that the role of the Catholic press is vital and that women are doubly victims: because they are women and because they are part of the native peoples. Alba Ysabel Perdomo, a Catholic lecturer and journalist, asks for "more space for female voices" to ensure a better formation of civic consciousness. Cristina Maciel, headmistress of the local branch of Signis in Paraguay says: "By allowing special attention to these issues, we Catholic journalists have the necessary strength to transform our lives, neighborhoods and cities. We cannot sin by omission: we must raise our voice for justice, according to the example that Jesus Christ offered us". 

By Agenzia Fides

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