Halloween: seriously harmful to the soul

Halloween: seriously harmful to the soul
Halloween: seriously harmful to the soul
Halloween is considered by many a festivity like carnival, from which it differs only because the theme of the masks is not freely chosen, but must reproduce in a realistic or caricatural manner, something macabre, related to the kingdom of the dead. Many believe that its celebrations are in connection with the two occurrences of All Saints and All Souls, on 1 and 2 November, in the same way in which the carnival introduces Lent.

In reality, by analysing the current setup of this occurrence, there is nothing religious or spiritual in it. The carnival, instead, whose name is a contraction of the Latin "carne-levare" (meat removing), recalls a playful and cheerful moment which prepares the long Lenten period of penance and of abstention from eating meat.

If in Halloween there is a religious significance, it is negative. This is a neo-pagan, if not satanic, phenomenon, in blatant contrast with Christianity. The background of the festivity is disturbing. The cultural heritage is ancient, it has its roots in the time of the Druids, the priestly caste of the Celts, Indo-European population, of pagan religion, settled in the north of Europe from the Iron Age and that had its greatest expansion from the British islands in almost all the countries of Europe between the IV and III century B.C..

In the night of Samhain (the god of darkness), on 31 October, they celebrated the passage from the summer to the winter season, and therefore, the defeat of the god of the light. The Celts believed that on that night, the souls of the dead returned to life to participate to the orgiastic rituals and feast together with the living, masked for the occasion with the skins of animals specially killed for the ceremony.

The druids had lanterns made with empty turnips, inside which they used to place candles made with the fat of sacrificed animals, and they went from house to house, to collect offers, to ingratiate themselves with evil spirits. The door of the houses were left ajar, with the fire lit and the table laid, to accommodate the deceased. Those who refused to participate would have been cursed. This is the original meaning of trick or treat: sacrifice or curse.

For the satanists, for the worshippers of Evil, Halloween is the most important celebration, New Year’s Eve, the birthday of Lucifer, and the opportunity to attract new adepts. In the night of 31 October, while naive kids delude themselves to innocently and happily enjoy a social game, occultists perform sacrilegious and inhuman rites, profane cemeteries, kill babies, sacrifice humans and animals, perform black masses, hide drugs and poisons in desserts and fruits they give to children.

Halloween is the anti-Christian worship: an invitation to live the world of monsters, in friendship with restless and terrifying souls, trapped on the threshold between the two worlds, to have fun with figures of fantasy horror and demons of evil, instead of longing for the communication with the angels of light and with the saints, witnesses of the joy and love of God.
When the monstrous is considered pleasant, the terrifying becomes fun, the horrid becomes rewarding, the boundary between good and evil falls, the door of judgment opens up on the mortal abyss.

The prince of Evil attracts in his trap multitude of mostly unaware kids and adolescents, with the pleasure of the macabre and monstrous, desecrating the meaning of death. The feast of All Saints and the Commemoration of All Souls are, instead, the opportunity to reflect on the mystery of death in the perspective of the Resurrection, as birth to immortality, where only those who have lived in observance of the Word of God, in the light of his Love, will be able to live the fullness of eternal joy. It is necessary, indeed, urgent, to recover and promote a culture of life, which, with its beauty, offers examples and models of hope to the many people immersed in what Pope Francis defined as a "culture of death", now prevailing, of which Halloween is a tool and a manifestation.

This phenomenon is ambiguous, sneaky, dangerous, beyond the commercial business it uses. The action of critical awareness also consists in exploiting the Christian alternative to Halloween, the feast of All Saints. In the same way in which light is the beautiful alternative to darkness: celebrate the beautiful faces of Saints instead of the horrid masks of zombies.
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