Donald Trump

Trump doesn’t set age for guns

Trump’s tweet came after his White House put out a plan to combat school shootings
Eastern Ghouta

Civilians leave Syrian rebel enclave as army advances

Small group of Syrian civilians left the rebel-held enclave of eastern Ghouta
Donald Trump

White House: a new plan to prevent school shootings

Trump vows to help arm teachers and backs off raising age for buying guns
Map of Indonesia

Indonesia: acts of vandalism on a Catholic chapel

Chapel in Sumatrawas attacked on the night between 7 and 8 March by vandals
Militant groups

Pakistan under pressure to rein in blasphemy law

Frightening things about Pakistan’s blasphemy law
African women

Women, milestone of the Church in Africa

Church of Africa about women

Communion of saints: Filipinos' holiday celebrations surprise, inspire

 arrived in Manila, the Philippines, at midnight, changed money and went to search for a hotel. What a surprise...

Christmas: let us go back to the origins

ven if the feast has passed, we are still in the Christmas season, therefore I would like to ask for a gift. I ask this...

Christmas and rejection: 'He came among His own people, but they did not accept him'

The first Christmas, when Christ came, was not a warm and loving experience. Friendship, gifts, gratitude, help for the poor are...

A truth to be "told" and to be "given"

he glory of God and the peace to men are still and always will be the two cornerstones around which the destinies of...

The difference between reformists and populists

e have the duty to drastically separate two terms that until now have gone hand in hand. The first term is emergency,...